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. >> hockenberry: i know. >> we don't hear mitt romney talking much about it. >> hockenberry: what if you're wrong? >> what if anybody is wrong in this debate? >> hockenberry: what if you're wrong? >> then i'll have to say i'm sorry. and i wish we could speed up our efforts to reverse the policies that we have supported here at cei. >> hockenberry: apologies or not, inaction has consequences. >> temperature records broken by the hundred. >> hockenberry: there is now no concerted national response to climate change. and delay, the scientific community says, is what the planet simply can't afford. >> climate change is coming. it means drought, it means fire, it means suffering. >> the entire climate is changing. it's affecting our energy, our water, our agriculture and our health. >> the record-setting drought has forced it to drink from its last reserves. >> the amount of sea ice on the arctic ocean, 2012 is a record low. >> the problem with climate change is, i think to many americans it is seen like a threat not to living generations but future generations. and with that uncertainty, and with th
and virginia. president obama's already hitting those states today. romney is also in ohio today and the republican super pac, meanwhile, has released a new ad that features clint eastwood who warns that america could not survive a second obama term. >>> hurricane sandy's blamed for at least three deaths in the caribbean. sandy made landfall today in southern cuba with heavy rain and winds topping 110 miles per hour. it lashed parts of haiti and jamaica on wednesday. >>> an arrest in the death of jessica ridgeway. 17-year-old austin reed sigg appears in court today in connection with the girl's death. ridgeway disappeared earlier this month while walking to her elementary school. her body was found five days later. officials say sigg will also face charges in the attempted kidnapping of a 22-year-old jogger back in may. >>> a michigan man whose wife's death last month was tied to the national meningitis outbreak says he is now hospitalized for the same illness. 65-year-old george carey said he began having severe headaches last friday but is feeling better after three days of tre
that mitt romney gets the presidency? >> the issue is the fiscal cliff, which is if nothing is done, the economy is going to contract by 4% next year. liz: do you think the market tanks on that, would you short things or at least hedge? >> i would hedge. i wouldn't short things because it seems like this market is on a sugar high and has a life of its own. liz: especially because of the fed and all the propping it's done. >> absolutely. liz: that doesn't go away at least for the short-term. >> no, in fact it's a given i think it will be there for quite a while. the question for investors market is up over the past year, if you recall last october it looked like the world was coming to an end. there was a lot of pessimism. right now it seems like the world looks pretty good. investors are complacent. they are confident. so for us historically when that has been the case, that's when we're wary. liz: even a downgrade of the united states triple a rating back in august, remember that, it was nothing, okay. at what level will you make your move? back this past august you went from 20% c
but is swinging toward mitt romney now. and we found the story of the economy in the death and life of asheboro. asheboro grew up on manufacturing, its factories filled with generations of families who built their town near purgatory mountain. but in 2008, asheboro was named one of america's fastest dying towns. the folks there were never going to quit, but they are still struggling. why are we stuck somewhere between recession and recovery? no one better to ask than those who live around purgatory. in randolph county, there's no escaping the second election since the great recession. nonstop, the tv promises a better day or warns of a worse one. folks around here have seen a lot of both. ( whistle blows ) those days start with the signature sound of asheboro at the acme-mccrary textile company. it opened the year that some of its workers helped put a republican in the white house, william howard taft. it was 1909. 103 years later, bill redding runs the place. at its peak, how many employees did you have? >> bill redding: about 2,000. >> pelley: and today? >> redding: 600. >> pelley: to see why
as we choose. >> president obama and mitt romney meet in their final debate in florida. the preview starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern and your reaction at 10:30 all live on c-span. >> in his weekly address, president obama called on republicans in the house of representatives to cooperate in passing a bill to help homeowners. congressman jeff flake from arizona gave the republican response. he criticized the obama administration for the current budget deficit. this, he claims, has affected home values, the unemployment rate and the economy. >> hi, everybody. in recent weeks you might have noticed something or maybe even heard the sound of it if you look close enough. new homes are going up. in fact, construction workers are breaking ground on new homes in america at the fastest pace in more than four years. at the same time more homes are being sold. home values are back on the rise and foreclosure filings are at their lowest point in the five years since the housing bubble burst and left millions of responsible families holding the bag. now, we're not where we need to be yet. too many ho
those who have waited most notably president obama and governor romney october 3rd. romney. every three economy has good regulation at the same time it can be excessive. the dodd/frank has a number prohibitions with unintended consequences that are harmful for the economy and killing regional small banks five would repeal and replace it. >> president obama it is because of reckless behavior on wall street putting mean street address we had to step and nfl since the 1930's so the question think we have to much oversight? senator warner of virginia, congress never gets it rice with massive reform legislation the first time through. you head out then you come back to do it correctly. secretary of treasury tim geithner. >> with strong defense of the dodd/frank act. remember the financial crisis of 2008 you read of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on lobbyist to repeal financial reform. they're not perfect but in place would have limited the financial crisis. basel iii capital and -- requirements and burdens were intended for our big banks would effectively put community banks
in the vice presidential debates and subsequently again romney versus obama? >> i don't think science has ever played a large role in election outcome and for me that's unfortunate. do i think al gore would have been a better president? no. you know someone who routinely exaggerate science offends me as a scientist. because that is not what scientists were supposed to do. his movie inconvenient truth regularly took information and would stretch it to a point of well okay, it's still scientifically somewhat accurate but you are really stretching it here and he did that over and over and over again. his 20-foot rise in sea level is assuming that the greenland ice sheet melts and no one knows if that's going to happen or not. there was actually a lot of melting this past summer even on the art that. actually didn't have much i said all this past summer so this is the problem but it's not useful to exaggerate a problem which is what he regularly did. when you are caught exaggerating a problem, you lose credibility and the science loses credibility so no i don't think al gore would have been a bett
and engage monday as president obama and mitt romney beat in their final debate. -- meet in their final debate. our coverage starts a 7:00 followed by the debate at 9:00 and post debate coverage at 10:30. >> members of the british house of commons return from their weekly question time. members also paid tribute to labor members who died over the parliament a break. join us sunday at 9:00 eastern on c-span. in 1988, ronald reagan was leaving office and his vice president ran as the republican nominee against michael dukakis. this debate on defense and foreign-policy issues was the second of their two meetings that year. it lasts about one hour and a half. >> the colleagues on the panel ann compton of abc news. margaret warner of news week magazine, and andrea mitchell of nbc news. the candidates are, vice president george bush, the republican nominee and governor michael dukakis, the democratic nominee. [applause] for the next 90 minutes we'll be questioning the candidates designed by representatives of the two campaigns. however, there are no restrictions on the questions that my colle
the individual and government. as for his unilateral. >> what is your enthusiasm level from the romney as a candidate? >> well, i think he is going to be a very good president. i think he gets it and i think he's moving forward and i think he is saying the things we need to hear. >> you mention a new book coming out. what was the title of that? >> the new book is freedom manifesto: why free markets are moral and the government gazette. >> that's another book by you and steve forbes? >> yes, it is feared >> you thatcher back over there. push it above all elizabeth ames fishes that. "how capitalism will save us." and here is the new book by elizabeth ames and freedom for us. >> why free markets are moral and big government isn't. >> why isn't the government moral? >> because the government makes decisions and transactions based on political agendas, based on its selfish political interests. it's really about meeting at own political selfish needs. free markets are meeting the real-world needs of people. >> well, someone who follows economics and former financial journalist and somebody
if obama win, if romney win, who would be secretary of defense, how this would -- it's not the same, there's a little bit of factional stuff going on, but it really matters who the people are, personnel or policy basically. is it completely off the radar screen? does it matter at all in chinese politics? >> i can talk a little bit about that. i mean, one of the things we are, we are definitely seeing at least the party's at least stating that they're trying to make themselves more institutionalized, more bureaucratic and their responsibilities shifting from a personality-based system to one that's more bureaucratic, institutionalized, professional. and so at least in terms of what's being said, the argument personalities should matter less. now, whether or not -- we all know that it's nice to say those things. whether or not that's the reality, i don't know. but from the perspective of party guidance to the military, party guidance to its own cadres, the idea that the purpose of the party is to essentially help china move into a certain national development level and the way we're going to
. the former secretary of state said the country should stay on the obama track calling mitt romney's foreign policy a moving target. he endorsed then senator obama during the 2008 campaign. >>> house intel committee chairman mike rogers told fox news he believes the september 14th attack on our embassy in tunisia was the work of ansar al-sharia. michigan congressman believes the al qaeda affiliate was trying to take advantage of the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that left our ambassador to libya and three other americans dead. >>> and the san francisco giants happy to report beat detroit 8-3 last night. taking guile one of the worll series. giants third baseman pablo sandoval hit a world series, record-tying three home runs helping san francisco cruise to victory. quite a game, first pitch for game 2, tonight, 8:07 eastern on fox. that's your fox news minute. i'm jamie colby. back to ashley and tracy. you guys probably didn't know i'm such a sports fan? ashley: i did not know that but we do now. very impressive. i know who to go to for the scores. ashley: every day.
in office. if governor romney wins, he gets 100 days or whatever to do something new. and he is supposed to do it right away. he is not supposed to say i will think about it for a while. i will get back to you in july. he is supposed to act right away. china is exact opposite. you don't come into office even if you're convinced the previous government was wrong in everything, to denounce them. you make it difficult for yourself. the date is the first party plenum. that was in 2002. when it was ratified formally in 1992 first party plenum will be in october and november of 2013. it will not bring massive reforms that are already being implemented. that is not the chinese way. it will give us a sense of the direction of the new government. whether they say something lying, you know, the previous government responded so well to the financial crisis but there are these things that got a little carried away and we really need to fix them and and example. some state firms should go bankrupt, that would be a sign. just have to say it. don't have to do anything. that would be a big step. if we g
. >> two times the amount of high five. >> romney supporters may not question the validity of the data but they'll say that 2% is not strong enough to support job growth in this economy. while the numbers are not bad, they're not bad, they're not good and they're not good enough for job creation. >> last night on "mad money" you said almost no company gets through the ridiculous gauntlet of the third quarter unscathed and you have said the next 11 days before election day are going to be tough no matter what. >> they're torture. i keep coming back to a couple -- this is the best example. we had broadcom on the other day. scott mcgregor, the ceo. they blew in numbers when it comes to wireless. they did good cable numbers. we had comcast with good numbers. they exceeded every single metric. they have tremendous apple business. i was joking about going 33 bid because stock was at 34 at a time. the stock has not had a minute's rest. it keeps going down. what more does the market want? the gauntlet is to high. it had technology. it had a sense that the peak was reached with apple. in other
que tal, les saluda enrique acevedodisminuye difererencia entre romney y obamasandy azota a cuba abren la autopista mas veloz del paisla diferencia a nivel nacional entre barack obama y mitt romney es de apenas tres puntos a favor del encuestadora gallup dice que actualmente romney acumula 50 por ciento y obama 47.el huracan sandy azota a cuba y despues podria afectar bahamas y el sur de ,florida.antes el fenomeno atmosferico dejo graves inundaciones y provoco miles de evacuaciones en jamaica.y estados unidos cuenta ya con la autopista mas veloz, en la cual se podra conducir legalmente a 85 millas por hora.mas en da
. >> romney: there is so much at stake. i hope you'll join me in supporting richard mourdock for u.s. senate. >> cenk: you can bet your bottle dollar i will not. we'll bring that to you in a minute. and then mitt has a new new is strategy. >> i came in and and some have been holding signs that say democrats for romney. i love that. did the romney's get rich off the auto bailout. >> romney: i said absolutely not. do not write a bailout check. >> but a bailout check was written by none other than ann romney. >> cenk: and then someone who richly deserved it. you know who i'm talking about. it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: there is only one g.o.p. senate candidate that romney has backed in this election cycle. it's richard mourdock from indiana. here is his ad supporting him. >> romney: this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. richard worked with governor mitch daniels with the budget. he'll be the 51st vote to stop obama healthcare. and there is so much at stake, i hope you'll join me in supporting richard mourdock for u.s. senate. >> i'm richard mourdock. i approve this me
que tal, les saluda enrique acevedoobama y romney se juegan la presidencia en su ultimo debate.con un duro castigo, termina la leyenda de lance armstrong.y disney presenta a su primera princesa hispana.el presidente obama y su rival mitt romney podrian haberse jugado la presidencia en su ultimo debate, cuando las encuestas los daban virtualmente leyenda del ciclista lance armstrong cayo estrepitosament e.le quitaron los siete titulos del tour de francia y lo vetaron del ciclismo profesional.y la empresa disney anuncio el lanzamiento de una pelicula y una serie de television que tendra por primera vez una princesa de origen primera informacion en despierta america con
become. two weeks from today he will be former president and mitt romney will be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] we can do better than this. we do not have to settle for this. we don't have to settle 23 million americans looking for work or 11.8% unemployment in nevada. or the underwater mortgages. . .
debate romney has done better and it is a group i think democrats are worried about. if you look down women now are critical democrats hope that works to their advantage they recruited a lot of women candidates for their hoping to increase democratic women in the senate this year. >> is critical in the house but which will amend the? might argue there is no women approach. married women? single women? independent minority? there are huge disparities just as there are with different denominations. what you need to watch it is a white voters without a college education. . .
. i think you're going to like them. but first, the romney campaign insists that it has what it takes to win the white house this year. not money. it's got lots and lots of that. no, they've got momentum. they say it began when the polls started creeping in romney's direction after president obama auditioned for an ambien commercial during the first debate. bill bennett of all credible sources has joined the romney surrogates claiming that mitt romney now carries the momentum into the homestretch. that was bush's education czar. the romney campaign even put out a web video titled momentum. three minutes plus it intercuts lots of patriotic scenes with lots of shots of smiling mitt and his pal paul ryan. two guys totally opposed to gay marriage who look like they're about to announce one anticipating that a tide of dissolution voters will easily sweep them into office. however, the numbers suggest that while this race is exceptionally tight momentum may be more of a talking point for the romney campaign than an
. if it is governor romney he needs to have leadership and the business community has to agree to a deal and. >> moderator: let's move to the moderator discussion. mr. wade you talk about small business about men but if you look at the polls from the "wall street journal" the small business community does not have faith we will avoid a deep recession. they're not making plans for expansion hiring going into next year. how can small business be a part of it at all? >> they are part of the solution when we bring common-sense to washington. . .
with a uso-like event where indicate katery perry will perform. but the enemy, mitt romney is also on the march. reflies from nevada to iowa -- wait -- nevada iowa to ohio, and all of these states have early voting. let's take a look. in nevada where 11% of the population has already voted there are good signs for the democrats. 45% democrats, 35 republican. in iowa almost a quarter of the stated has already voted, 47% democrats, 31% republicans. in ohio counter insurgency effort by republicans. that state doesn't report party affiliation so we have less intel there, but we know that 8% of registered vote verse turned in their ballots. and the president is ahead in the polls there. now let's take a look on the ground. in ohio the obama campaign has 131 field offices. meanwhile the romney army -- maybe i should say navy -- has just 40. in iowa, the president, 66 field offices, romney has ten. in nevada 26 for obama, ten for romney. i was reviewing the troops if florida and virginia, waves of bah -- battalions each day. face-to-face target contacts with target vote
. maybe the romney/ryan naval solution isn't quite that antiquated. still, they say the darnedest things, don't they? as for us, time to batten down the hatches. there will be giants to slay! >> jennifer: well, at last night's debate, mitt romney did seem kind of hard-pressed to come up with any real criticism of the obama administration's foreign policy positions. as our own john fuglesang here at current tv, he put it so wonderfully, it was as if romney were introducing the me, too doctrine. so how much does mitt romney support the president's foreign policy? well, let me count the ways. he agrees with the president's proposed 2014 withdrawal from afghanistan. he agrees with putting sanctions on iran. and he agrees with the president's handling of the iraq war. and the drone strikes and targeted killings in pakistan. but one place the candidates do diverge is on spending. here's what that looks like when you put the two plans side by side. president obama would honor the department of defense's request that defe
, as president obama and mitt romney focused on that crucial battleground state. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. good morning, charlie. this is a state that romney needs to win. he spent every minute here yesterday. and the campaign says it's really focusing on its ground game, making phone calls, knocking on doors to get that message out. as part of that message, romney hit on a familiar theme. it was from a pretty unlikely source. during three campaign stops thursday in ohio, romney unveiled a new campaign message. >> it's time for a big change. and paul ryan and i represent a big change for america. >> reporter: in 2008 it was then senator obama who ran on the idea of hope and change. >> hope and change are the story of our country. >> reporter: but romney is now arguing his ticket will fulfill that promise. >> america wants to see big changes and we're going to bring big changes to get america stronger again. >> even though my voice is getting kind of hoarse, i've still got a spring in my step. >> reporter: showing signs of losing his voice after a 48-hour, 7,300-mile,
and mitt romney is different from previous presidential campaigns. >> what's the thing between trump and you. >> this all dates to when we were growing up together in kenya. [ laughter ] >> that's funny. you know what happened today? the president voted. what's going on? >> no, it's early voting. he wants to encourage those to do likewise. >> this is really convenient. i can't tell you who i voted for. [ laughter ] >> but i very much appreciate every here and it's good to be home, back in the neighborhood. >> he's a democratic. you never know. he might have voted for a republican. ok. probably voted for himself. now, he's been all over the campaign trail t.v., on the stub. in many states. we've encapsulated that whole time in one minute, the last 24 hours. >> hello colorado. >> we are pulling an all-nigher. no sleep. my plan will actually cut the deficit, unlike governor romney's. >> please welcome the 44th 44th president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> rape is rape. it is a crime. this is exactly why you don't want a bunch of politicians mostly male ma
news y el washington post revelo que mitt romney cuenta con 50 por ciento de la intencion de voto y barack obama con menos una persona murio y 50 resultaron heridas durante enfrentamientos entre comerciantes de un mercado mayorista en lima y policias.y alejandrina guzman, presunta hija del narcotraficante mexicano joaquin "el chapo" guzman, se declaro "no culpable" en una corte de san diego, california, de los delitos de fraude y uso indebido de visas, permisos y otros documentos.mas en despierta america
ministro italiano estatua de la libertad reabre su coronanuevas encuesta revelan que mitt romney cuenta con 47 por ciento de la intencion de voto y barack obama 46, lo cual significa un empate tecnico teniendo en cuenta el margen de error.el ex primer ministro italiano silvio berlusconi recibio una sentencia de cuatro aqos de carcel por fraude fiscal en la adquisicion de derechos televisivos para su corporacion.y la estatua de la libertad reabre maqana al publico, en la bahia de nueva york, tras un aqo de trabajos de renovacion que costaron 30 millones de dolares.mas en noticiero univision fin de semana
invested overseas because you were -- governor romney is right. you are familiar with does being shipped overseas because you invest in companies that ship jobs overseas. we would be buying cars from china instead of selling cars to china. if we take your advice with respect to how we change our tax codes so companies that are earning profits overseas do not pay u.s. taxes, compared to companies here that are paying taxes, that is estimated to create $800,000. but the problem is they will be in place like china. if we're not making investments in education and basic research which is not something the private sector is doing and is sufficient basis, then we will lose the lead in things like clean energy technology. with respect to what we have done with time already, u.s. exports -- we have done with china already, u.s. exports have doubled to china. currencies are at the most advantageous point for u.s. exporters since 1993. we have to make more progress and that is why we will keep on pressing. when it comes to our military and chinese security, part of the reason we are able to pivot
unscientific indicators. reporter explains. >> one poll shows romney up by six. another shows romney up in a couple battleground states. could the key actually be predicted? >> maybe not the goblin that has show up the door but this measure has been out of the four elections and right now obama mats are out selling them by 30%. a school magazine let's students vote based on the last elections. voting is over but the results have not been released. >> baseball bats about .600 in picking the winner. it's if american league, a republican will win the white house. but we don't even know which national league team is playing yet. for a couple elections ago, washington redskins had a perfect record. if the team wins the last game before election day, the incumbent wins. would it seem the president may be routing for the skins when they take on the carolina panthers. and finally there is a first lady's big becameoff. a magazine since ha is judged the recipe forces favorite cookies. the bakeoff has predicted four out of five elections correctly. >> who whose is the best? the smallest one michel
after romney. >> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden. i told the american people that this was an act of terror and the suggestion that anybody in my team would play politics or mislead when we have lost four of our own governor is offensive. >> that set off an exchange that may go down as one of the most remarkable in the history of televised presidential debates. >> you said in the rose garden it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get to that for the record. it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> he did in fact. let me call it an act of terror. he did call it an act of terror. >> only after the debate maybe she was the one with her facts wrong. charles krauthammer was part of the coverage. >> she waked away from it. her intervention was in front of 70 million people who will remember that and not know anything about her walking away. >> then on thursday, a report claims that secretary of state clinton ordered security in li
romney said he wouldn't have supported it but the president signed it into law. there is no way the president can just ignore the law. >> finger pointing aside, there is no doubt the impact here in virginia. >> shipyard basically is nuclear news. this put new you port news on the map. >> everyone around here is affiliated with the shipyard and rely on the shipyard a lot. >> we depend on the shipyard. >> a ticking time bomb that is about to go off in january 2013. how do you explain that to people and keep people calm? >> i'm a glass is half full kind of guy. we will work through this. it is the law of the land. i'm optimistic this will push people into a place where they have to come together and figure out what the real plan is. >> is he really optimistic? >> he is optimistic? he thinks, he hopes that people will come to their senses and put this thing together before this time bomb does go off and the cuts are made. >> how about the workers, the blue collar guys? >> they are concerned. this is the only game this town. the only place that is hiring and you have to remember this
. they spend more time on what michael jackson had then what happens with mitt romney. >> guest: i am delighted you are an avid abc news watch your. people ask me with the news is headed. it is always changing looking back at walter cronkite, it will continue to change. i continue to watch in abc news there is always material i think it is just great but things are different. something i learned is if you want more substantive news coming international or whenever, you influence that. the matter the journalist or news organization there react to the audience. they care. there is great news reporting with tv and radio if you want more of that spend your time and energy. the reverse is true if you watch the extreme opinion you'll get more of that. i would get a call it is outrageous they are covering the kardashian but then they recount graphic detail. [laughter] it is clear they have invested a fair amount of time. just turn it off. we all share in the shaping of revenues is headed. >> i am a daily watcher of abc. i like the serious on made in the u.s.a.. hbo can mount with the news room. has th
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